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Wine obtained with grapes produced from biodynamic agriculture certified by ICEA and DEMETER. The agronomic management of the vineyards and the breeding techniques are such as to give great balance to the plant. The main fertilization is carried out using legume, cruciferous, graminaceous fertilizers and the use of our composted manure. The pesticide treatments are exclusively based on sulfur, bentonite, very little copper and naturally biodynamic preparations. The wine that comes from these grapes reflects the balance and harmony existing between the plant and the soil, expressing our terroir to the maximum.

Tasting notes:

The white of the house is a straw yellow wine with golden reflections; it presents, with a full and full nose, with citrus and exotic hints, vegetal notes of sage and wild fennel. On the finish more honeyed hints. In the mouth the whole is pleasant, balanced, round and full-bodied, it shows an interesting flavor and a pleasant length. Overall, a harmonious choral performance of our one-of-a-kind white.

Its virtue:

The heat it releases


The label of this wine is dedicated to Mattia (called Matis) who since childhood had the dream of producing great wines and this is the first wine produced and bottled by our company. The graphic represents Mattia, who descends from the world of dreams into reality (the stylized vineyard at the base) and in the background has the luminous constellation of Cancer under which he was born.

Data sheet

Vermentino in purezza

Production area

Pian delle vigne-Sassetta-Livorno

Vineyard surface

1,5 Ettari

Vineyard altitude

250 Mt. S.L.M.

Land type

Siliceo argillo-sabbioso

Breeding system

Cordone speronato bilaterale

Strain density

6000 ceppi ettaro

Grape production per hectare

40 Q.Li


Uva raccolta a mano e selezionata, messa in cassette ed immediatamente vinificata con breve contatto sulle bucce, senza aggiunta di lieviti, solfiti e coadiuvanti.

Alcoholic fermentation

Durata circa 15 giorni

Malolactic fermentation

Completata 50% in acciaio 50% in botti per 5 mesi

Analytical data
Alcohol played


Total acidity

4.75 Gr/l



Biodinamic certifications
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