Baratti and the Magical Architecture of Vittorio Giorgini


A whale in the middle of a forest? With the magical architecture of Vittorio Giorgini (1926-2010), a visionary Florentine architect fascinated by nature, anything is possible.

Simply go to Baratti, a forty minute drive from our farmhouse “La Cerreta” spa. Here, walking in the woods, you will come across experimental masterpieces of contemporary architecture. Two bold and complex constructions for the period in which they were built: Casa Esagono from 1957 and Casa Balena from 1962.

The first is enchanting and engaging, magically suspended in nature; the second is similar to a large and sinuous whale built in concrete and welded mesh, stranded in the green of the Mediterranean scrub. Unmissable destinations, to discover the secrets of our territory slowly and suggestively, in the name of conscious tourism.

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