On the traces of Dante

Parco delle Biancane

Hunting for unusual places? A thirty minute drive from our complex of spas and the “La Cerreta” farmhouse there is a truly amazing place, so much so that it even fascinated the great poet Dante Alighieri. We are near Monterotondo Marittimo (Gr) and we are talking about the Biancane Natural Park, where the name “Biancane” refers to the characteristically white color of the rocks that compose it and to the rare and atypical vegetation, in open contrast with the lush green of the Tuscan countryside surrounding.

The phenomenon of geothermal energy has designed and shaped the entire landscape in a singular way, transforming this environment into something truly unique and spectacular, with a surreal, almost lunar flavor. Here the earth is seething, blowing and puffing hot smoke. In fact, there are several types of geothermal manifestations such as geysers, steam leaks from the ground and fumaroles. Moreover, To accompany everything else, there are strange noises, hisses, and a very particular smell. In short, it’s the ideal place for the curious but also for trekking lovers… And if you have some time left, about twenty kilometers from the park, Massa Marittima, the city of metals, is worth visiting.