oil, wine and philosophy “slow”


But how beautiful is Suvereto? An enchanting medieval village, to be discovered, with a slow and relaxed rhythm of life, just as we like it. About twenty minutes by car from our complex of spas and the “La Cerreta” farmhouse, hovering between the countryside and the sea of ​​the Etruscan Coast, Suvereto offers a lot to lovers of excursions on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback. … But also to those who are passionate about food and wine.

This village immersed in the greenery of the Val di Cornia, in fact, is rightly included in the national circuits of the Cities of Wine, the Cities of Oil and the Slow Cities. Inside the massive, almost intact walls, crowned by eight towers, there are many shops that still animate this village, where time seems to have stopped: there is the blacksmith, the corker, the straw-worker, the charcoal burner and many craftsmen who still today testify the ancient and precious art of knowing how to do things with your own hands … The highest point of the village, is the Rocca Aldobrandesca, the most important medieval symbol of excellence, probably dating back to the end of the 9th century. There are also many churches and historic buildings to admire.

For the little ones (or for the older ones who want to go back to being children), the Doll Museum is worth visiting, which traces the history and costumes of dolls with a large collection. A curiosity? The name is Suvereto! It seems that it derives from the gnarled trees that in the past covered the woods around the town and from which cork is produced.