a small Tuscan village
perched on a hill


A few minutes from our spa and farm holiday complex “La Cerreta” stands the small village of Sassetta, which was first given this name in 1115, majestically perched on the hill.

It is a village far from the mass tourism circuits but perhaps for this reason particularly beautiful and authentic: even today, in fact, it is still the mouthpiece for the most authentic and genuine Tuscan tradition.

Sassetta is a harsh and wild, poetically rustic place, where time seems to have magically stopped to still conceal the secret of an archaic balance between earth, man and nature. We are in the middle of the Val di Cornia, in the northernmost part of the Tuscan Maremma.

Among the houses partly built with the famous pink marble quarried on site, ancient crafts still intersect one another such as those of the stonemasons, charcoal burners, woodcutters, and craftsmen… And there is so much woodland, so much greenery, so much lush nature.

We at Cerreta are immersed in this environment full of charm: we are right in the middle of the Poggio Neri Park, consisting of about seven hundred hectares of forest that contain about forty paths to be covered by bike, on foot or even on horseback.

Here the most curious can discover much of the area and its traditions by visiting the Museo del Bosco (Museum of the Forest) or perhaps along the Via del Castagno (Chestnut), which tells how much our land owes to this generous plant.

And of course, the great attraction for Sassetta are our thermal waters, which emerge from the subsoil at a temperature of 51 ° and constitute a real gift of Nature. After an excursion to discover the area, a dip in our naturally warm waters is exactly what you need to regenerate.