Only homemade products

Self-produced authenticity and quality

    La Cerreta follows the principles of biodynamic agriculture not only as a method of cultivation, breeding and production but also and above all as a lifestyle, with the primary objective of supporting the land and entering into profound harmony with it.

    The first rule of biodynamic agriculture is not to damage the land, operating according to ideas, feelings and intuitions that are linked to the characteristics of the territory. It is a method of cultivation free from preconceptions, which evolves season after season, year after year, is perfected with experience and observation and returns to those universal principles that, in the logic of large-scale production, man now systematically neglects, at the expense of the ecosystem but also of the goodness and wholesomeness of food.

    La Cerreta is a Demeter Certified biodynamic farm which, following a differentiated and closed cycle, produces wine, oil, meat, cured meats, cheeses, fruit, chestnuts, cereals, fodder and has indigenous herds of cattle, pigs, horses, bees and poultry. A variety that ensures biodiversity to the ecosystem, essential to maintain the right balance in production cycles and to gather resources of excellent quality, from the point of view of flavors, authenticity, nutritional and energy values.

    As a farm, La Cerreta implements a measured and high quality production, the result of twenty years of experience, in which we have preserved and stimulated the harmony of the phenomena of self-regulation of the earth.

    With simplicity and passion, we offer a cross-section of the peasant culture of the Upper Maremma that has in the gastronomy, equestrian culture, agriculture and hospitality the strengths with which to revitalize the entire territory, without giving up its identity.


    Our “salumeria” (charcuterie) is made with “Cinta Senese” (domestic pig from the province of Siena) and “Nero della Cerreta” pigs. Raised on our farm: they live in groups, feed on the fruits of the forest such as acorns and chestnuts, grass and cereals, a diet that gives the meat unmistakable characteristics in terms of consistency and flavor.
    The slaughter takes place only after reaching two years of age and the transformation methods are those typical of our area, supported by the collaboration with a master pork butcher. For conservation we use sea salt, spices, pepper, natural casings and we activate processes such as molding, stewing and slow seasoning, which guarantee healthiness and quality.
    The delicatessen products we offer, in addition to fresh meats, are ham, salami of various sizes, capocollo, rigatino, arista, guanciola and lard, with seasoning times that vary, for hams, from 18 to 24 months and from 3 to 10 months for salami.


    La Cerreta cheeses, both fresh and aged, are obtained from the milk of free-range cows raised on pasture. Following the biodynamic breeding method, we have always renounced dehorning, to respect the animal and not to lose the nutritional values ​​of its milk.

    A wide choice of cheeses will meet all tastes: fresh and baked ricotta, mozzarella, ravaggioli and bouchon, cheeses of different ages and flavored with walnuts, chives, mushrooms, marc, chili. Not to mention the delicious yogurt made every day and served at breakfast or at the spa!


    In addition to the small quantities collected for fresh consumption, with the fruit of ancient local varieties we produce extra jams with a maximum of 20% of brown cane sugar. From figs in oil to glazed or cream-flavored browns, up to 100% wild blackberry jams, strawberry trees, quinces, peaches, coscia pears, apricots, apples with mint, green and red Claudia plums, melon, watermelon, peels of watermelon, green tomatoes, cucumbers and mint, zucchini, chili peppers, pink apples, elderberries, blackthorns, strawberries and cherries, as well as the delicious preserves of coscia pears and ham plums and milk jam.

    For wine lovers: jams of Merlot, Vermentino, Cabernet, Sangiovese and strawberry grapes.
    Among the most important agricultural activities there is bee breeding, an ancient tradition of La Cerreta.

    The mild climate, the different types of blossoms during the year and the excellent biological balance allow bees to produce – and us to harvest – excellent varieties of whole virgin honey. The extraction takes place cold and the honey is immediately packaged in jars.

“Nature is a perfect organism: it knows its times, its needs, its fruits. She knows how to cure herself and the goodness of her products. We follow her advice, nothing else."