Scegli tra cinque casali immersi nel verde

5 casali e 17 camere ciascuna con la sua personalità

La Cerreta” è una grande famiglia pronta ad accogliere i suoi ospiti nel modo più autentico e spontaneo possibile. Per questo non vogliamo offrire esperienze standardizzate… Semplicemente non sarebbe nel nostro modo di essere.

Abbiamo cinque casali, che in tutto raccolgono diciassette camere. Ogni casale ha la sua personalità, il suo nome, la sua storia, una posizione ben delineata e un certo numero di stanze. A sua volta ogni camera custodisce il suo tema, il suo racconto, il suo arredamento costruito con materiali di qualità, onesti e non convenzionali; spesso pezzi unici pieni di poesia.

Ad accomunare il tutto un filo rosso comune: l’esigenza di parlare di tradizioni, di benessere, di quelle atmosfere e suggestioni ineffabili alimentate dal nostro paesaggio, dai nostri campi, dalle nostre terme.
Un approccio, insomma, che va al di là delle semplici questioni estetiche e funzionali per trasformarsi in un vero e proprio stile di vita.

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I Cerri (Garden View)

Recently recovered and restored with care, “I Cerri” is a farmhouse dating back to the end of the 19th century, whose name refers to the two majestic old trees that welcome guests at the entrance.

Made of river stone and internally finished with antique plaster, the farmhouse houses four bedrooms with private bathroom: on the ground floor there are the rooms with patios called Ricordi (Memories) and del Marmo Rosa (of Pink Marble). While climbing the stairs to the first floor you reach the rooms del Castagno (Chestnut) and del Carbonaio (Worker) equipped with a small terrace. A home in which you can breathe country air combined with some stylistic features of the Tuscan “Genius loci”.

La Casa degli Artisti (Deluxe, Prehistoric or Private Pool)

La Casa degli Artisti is the farmhouse that contains the largest number of rooms, eight in all. Each room has been furnished with precious unique pieces made by giving life to recycled materials from our estate, thus respecting the Genius loci. The hangers, for example, are made with wood collected in the forest park and fixed with hand-forged nails while, the headboards of the beds were created by reusing disused poles from our vineyards or wooden planks of the construction site. The wrought iron and the frame wood of the mirrors tell the story of our land and even the plaster on the walls was obtained by mixing the clay of the surrounding fields.

In addition, each room can be defined as “Author’s” because it houses the work of an artist called to carry out a pictorial or sculptural intervention tailored to each environment. In particular, we must thank the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara for the advice and the artists Fabio Graziani and Diego Bocelli for their works. Each room, in fact, is inspired by various historical and artistic periods: ranging from prehistory to the Etruscan period, from the classical period to the Middle Ages, from the Renaissance to the Neoclassicism, up to the twentieth century and the modern age. Precisely on these issues, the artists confronted each other, creating unique works, whose genesis is intimately linked to the environment in which they intervened.

La casetta nel bosco

An ideal accommodation for those who want to return to being a child for a little while. Letting themselves be carried away by the fairy-tale charm of this small stone house immersed in the lush woods. The atmosphere is engaging and relaxing, rest and tranquility guaranteed.

The interiors, plastered with river clay, distil suggestion and welcome two rooms, divided into a double bed and a single bed. The bathroom, with a crystal shower cabin, is characterized by a stone sink with a sculptural flavor, poised between nostalgia and contemporary taste.

La Cerreta (Garden View or Junior Suite)

Built at the end of the 18th century, La Cerreta cottage gives its name to the entire estate and is the main building, around which the life of the whole farmhouse revolves.

The central part of the ground floor houses the kitchen and the restaurant while, on the sides, there are the comfortable accommodations for guests called Junior Suite La Cantina (The Cellar) and the la Carraia (The Carriageway): two suggestive spaces characterized by the spontaneity of the furnishings and the solid consistency of the architecture, permeated from a subtle narrative streak.

Le Orme (Garden View or Water)

On a tile we found the imprints of two small forest animals. So It will not be difficult to understand the choice of the name Le Orme (The Footsteps) for this farmhouse so full of charm, characterized by a warm, welcoming and informal atmosphere.

Together with “I Cerri” farmhouse, this structure is part of a small but suggestive core of buildings dating back to the end of the 19th century, once dedicated to the collection and conservation of chestnuts, an important source of sustenance and income for the inhabitants of Sassetta. The farmhouse, now recovered and expertly restored, houses two bedrooms built in river stone on the ground floor separated by a small porch, each with a private bathroom: the Earth Room (Garden View type) to the west, the Water Room (Water type) to the east. Poetic rooms, where the harmony and positivity of an uncontaminated countryside and water rich in beneficial properties vibrate.